VCap Downloader - How It works

How It Works

1. Insert video url how it shown on this picture.
2. Click Capture button. This works for most free video sites.

VCap Downloader starts here

3. Follow the video how you do it usually in your favorite browser. VCap Downloader should capture the video and show it in Capture list. Select the desired quality of downloading.

VCap Downloader captures any videos. Select video quality.

Video downloaded. Press the red button for playing the video.

VCap Downloader captures any videos

You will also be able to find your downloaded videos in Download list. The next time VCap Downloader starts, this video will be saved in this list.

VCap Downloader saved your favorite videos

How It Works: Several simple work techniques.

How it works example 1

How it works example 2