VCap Downloader - Affiliates (Resellers)

VCap-developer Affiliates Program

We reward other website owners and bloggers for linking to our site.
We pay you 20% of every our sale depending on the number of sales you generated.

Become an VCap-developer Affiliate Today!

Becoming an affiliate is free and takes only 5-10 minutes. First you would sign up for a Free PayPro Global Affiliate account.

1. You need to create an affiliate account at our e-commerce provider PayPro Global.

2. Then, please follow the instructions.

FAQ (Frequent Affiliate-Related Questions)

Is Becoming An Affiliate Free?

Yes. There are no startup charges or membership fees or anything of the sort related with becoming an VCap-developer affiliate. Affiliation is 100% free of charge. Plus, the more sales you generate from your links, the more income you will receive.

How will I know when I have made a sale?

Anytime you make a sale you will receive an email containing information about the sale. This allows you to keep track of your sales on a daily basis. The amount shown in the order email is the total price. You just earned 20% of that figure.

Do I have to provide support after a sale?

We will take care of the customer should they require support. After you generate a lead (a customer clicks your link), we will handle everything else from sales to ordering to support. All you do is sit back and enjoy the automated income, you never have to worry about that customer again, we take it from there.

Can I Promote Through My Newsletter Or Online Magazine?

Advanced blogers, journalists, or internet marketers who wish to use their newsletter or e-zine to earn commission are more than welcomed. We will work with you in any way possible to provide custom graphics, text or content for your publication that uses your affiliate link.